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For the Special Event Page:

The first thing to do is create a new section for the new event. If you go to one in the descriptions section of the page that is near the date of the new event, you can duplicate that section using the menu on the right side-bar of the section. This will give you a place to start.

Change the following:

  • The image- click on the existing image and choose a new one from the media library or upload a new one. This image can be the same as the show graphic or a different one if the client provides pictures.

  • The background color- click on the background and you will get an option to change the color. Make it different from the one above or below it so they don't visually meld together.

  • Name of the anchor- click on the anchor and rename it. This is how the graphics you link from the home page and top of the special events page will find this section.

  • Show information- Put in the correct date time(s) and show description for the new event

Now you are ready to get your graphics in the event "pool" at the top of the special events page and on the home page.


The top area of the Special Events page (red background) is the pool for graphics for special events. I put them in order of what is happening, soonest at the top. This can take some time to move things around as shows complete and are added.


Use the following templates for the show page.
Copy and paste from menu in right tool bar.
Click on images to change them.
Change background color as needed
Change font color as needed
Use existing text boxes for content.
Create an anchor for linking to this from the home page


Creative team info

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