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October 16th to 27th

Walk down the aisle, into the enchanting world of "I Do! I Do!" where the journey of marriage unfolds on stage in a heartwarming and humorous celebration of love. This delightful musical, based on the hit Broadway production, follows the 50-year marriage of Michael and Agnes, capturing the essence of their relationship from the blissful wedding night to the bittersweet golden years.


With a charming score by the legendary Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt, including timeless classics like "My Cup Runneth Over," this show beautifully encapsulates the joys, challenges, laughter, and tears that come with building a life together. The intimate two-person cast brings authenticity and depth to the characters, inviting the audience to share their most intimate moments and universal experiences.Whether you're a romantic at heart, a lover of musical theatre, or someone who appreciates a well-told story of enduring love, "I Do! I Do!" promises an evening of enchanting melodies and touching performances. Come celebrate the enduring power of love in this unforgettable musical journey!

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