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The beauty of Palm Springs entices people from around the world to vacation here to sit by the pool, relax in the sun, enjoy fine dining and the stunning vistas. But we also want it to be known as a 'theatre destination' to experience incredible new work being developed along with memorable re-inventions of classic shows.

Colored Theatre Lights


To produce high-quality, and affordable entertainment, that elevates theatre production standards and builds audiences who appreciate live theatre across Coachella Valley.


Coachella Valley is filled with talent. We want to provide a venue that offers audiences exceptional live entertainment and a place for performers to present their best work. We want to utilize the extraordinary capabilities of local artists, to lift up and stimulate the quality of theatre across Coachella Valley, to show audiences our theatre community is ready to become a destination for live entertainment in California.

Actors on Stage
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Our revolution began when Gary Powers and James Owens, starring in the musical MID-CENTURY MODERNS, began having conversations about what could be possible within the theater community of Coachella Valley. Gary and James clearly saw a desire for high-quality live entertainment, particularly after the devastating effects of the pandemic when many felt isolated. The Greeks discovered long ago: stage productions bring people together for a communal experience unlike any other, transformed by well-crafted storytelling, as expressed by actors, re-enacting the audiences' own experiences. Your Revolution Stage Company will present unforgettable productions, develop new work, reinvent classics, bringing audiences to their feet and generating excitement for future possibilities. This is our Revolution!

The RSC is dedicated to telling stories that run the gamut from musicals, making audiences want to sing and dance, to plays addressing complicated issues, and everything in between. We'll take beloved shows and transform them with innovative directors. Our company is committed to collaboration, bringing talented artists to our welcoming, newly-renovated stage, and working with the performers and designers in the area to make Palm Springs become a well-known destination for the best in theatre productions.

As the Revolution Stage Company grows, so will our history. We look forward to sharing images of past, unforgettable RSC productions, which will stir memories of amazing nights, sitting in the dark, being transformed to magical places under the spell of a company of talented artists. Our promise to you, the audience.


At RSC, we want to nurture new talent. We value the long-standing theatre tradition of passing on what we have learned. We have benefitted from these kinds of mentorships and we want to provide safe and inviting learning opportunities for new and less experienced artists to gain new skills and spread their wings.

We will be offering a variety of classes in acting, how to audition, voice coaching, and cabaret performance. We will also be an incubator for new playwrights to develop their work.

Acting Audition

Health and Safety

Revolution Stage Company cares about the wellbeing of our staff, artists and patrons. We will do everything we can to make sure our venue is clean and safe for everyone. If you notice something isn’t clean, or identify a safety hazard, please inform our staff right away so it can be addressed. Should need arise, RSC will follow WHO and CDC guidelines for public health concerns.

Attentive Audience

Commitment to the Community

RSC is committed to hiring practices that don’t discriminate, and we encourage artists to audition for our shows regardless of cultural background, race, sexual or gender identity, age or disability. We appreciate our diverse community and strive to lift up those who have historically been excluded from working in or attending live theatre. We offer discounts to those on fixed incomes, students, artists, and members of our military. Certain performances will be offered at reduced prices to make our shows accessible and affordable for everyone.

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