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Off the Street


A local TV reporter, Dan Darling, introduces us to the denizens of Palm Sprinkles' homeless community — Crash, Molly, Gunner, Easy Jackson — those forgotten by the city's well-off citizens like Ruby and Karen.  The matriarch of the homeless is Lila, who has had the same dream for years — on a moonlit night, on the eve before she turns fifty, a King or Queen will find her a home off the street. 


After a new mayor, a local businessman, Tracy Grover Douglas, called the 'Gadget King,' is elected, promising to solve the issue of homelessness, Lila believes her dream is about to come true.  

OFF THE STREET is the World Premier of Matt Naylor & Jeanie Cunningham’s stunning new musical about life on the streets. After a much-heralded reading last Fall at PS Underground, the show receives its first full-scale production. Be prepared to be moved by the beauty of this incredible new work.

Music and Lyrics by Jeanie Cunningham and Matt Naylor

Book by Gary Powers

Produced by RSC with Dan Kerrigan 

Runs November 6th to November 21st

Revolution Stage Company production of Off the Street. Image of a homeless person laying in the ground with their head on a backpack
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