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April 20th to 20th

Dive into the behind-the-scenes chaos of one of the most iconic films in cinema history with "The Shark is Broken," a critically acclaimed play that takes you inside the troubled production of Jaws. Written by Ian Shaw and Joseph Nixon, this darkly comedic, brilliantly insightful play is based on the diaries of Robert Shaw and captures the off-screen antics and challenges faced by the cast and crew.


Set aboard the tiny boat Orca, stranded at sea while the mechanical shark infamously malfunctions, the 

play brings together the film’s three leading men: the grizzled Robert Shaw, the neurotic Richard Dreyfuss, and the stoic Roy Scheider. As they wait for the elusive shark to be fixed, the actors engage in heated exchanges, playful banter, and deep reflections, revealing their clashing personalities and the pressures of creating a blockbuster.


With witty dialogue, poignant moments, and a set that perfectly recreates the claustrophobic quarters of the Orca, "The Shark is Broken" is a captivating exploration of Hollywood history, artistic frustration, and unexpected camaraderie.

Prepare for a night of humor, tension, and nostalgia as you witness the real drama behind the making of Jaws. Whether you’re a film buff or simply love a good story, "The Shark is Broken" is a must-see theatrical experience that dives deep into the heart of an enduring cinematic legend. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this incredible journey—book your tickets now and find out what really happened when the shark wasn’t working!

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